The traditional still conquers, perhaps because it is steeped in the past, memories and craftsmanship, which take us back to a world far from the present and allows us to rediscover, with touch and sight, an unparalleled body and warmth.

Outdoor environments are increasingly entrusted to the charm of terracotta.

This traditional material seems to relive its second youth especially in buildings located in the countryside, with large open spaces, where the garden coexists with arcades, swimming pool, vegetable garden and a lot of suggestive panorama.

The terracotta in the garden becomes a “must” for anyone who wants to give value and warmth to their home, their farmhouse, their farm.

Terracotta has become the pre-eminently chosen material for pool edges, stairways, balconies, low walls, small pedestrian paths in most of the prestigious properties.

Also because the outdoor areas and the garden have become one of the most pleasant places lived by families and children, to rediscover a new conviviality.

Below are some of our terracotta creations for gardens and external surfaces.