Turnkey Service

Full 360-degree service

With companies and specialized technicians, we have developed a “Turnkey” service. Thanks to this service, the customer has a single contact person to whom to commission the work. The works are directed by a specially selected company technician, who coordinates all the phases of the flooring, in order to obtain a guaranteed and high quality result. The collaboration of several production and construction bodies considerably reduces time and costs, in order to obtain a result with an excellent quality – price ratio.

Our method of work

How we operate

With over 30 years of experience, we have refined a method that takes into consideration all the customer’s needs.
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All the material is produced by us with artisanal techniques.

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Our expert installers carry out the whole process with precision and meticulousness.

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Non-toxic and solvent-free, the products have a water-based composition.

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From production to installation and finishing, for a complete work performed to perfection.