The characteristics of resistance and beauty make terracotta a widely used material also for coating and protection interventions. Such as for a staircase, a balustrade, a wall in the kitchen or outside in the garden, a poolside, etc …

The terracotta coverings are in fact chosen for their particular resistance and, since they are products made with natural material (clay, water and fire), for the perfect chromatic integration with the surrounding environment.

Elegance, protection, resistance and warmth are the main peculiarities of terracotta that are making it preferable over its “natural” competitors, such as marble.

What until a few years ago was relegated to rustic environments, has now become (the terracotta, in fact) trendy even in the most chic and refined places, or in rooms with a modern style.

This is because the colors that can be obtained from the processing of terracotta are able to enhance a modern environment and create an extravagant and engaging combination.