The terracotta floors embellish every room of the building in which they are placed.

Its typical colors, warm and welcoming, generate a feeling of well-being and naturalness as they approach the colors present in the surrounding environment: the leaves, the earth, a lit fireplace, a wooden table, find in the shades of a terracotta floor the ideal chromatic combination.

The natural components of terracotta floors (clay, water and fire) give that sense of rootedness and tradition that allow a wide and varied use, both on internal and external environments.

Another feature of terracotta floors is certainly their resistance: the high firing temperatures of the terracotta tiles, the compactness and porosity of the material guarantee their long life.

For those who work in construction, the terracotta floor is considered the “top of the range”, both for its natural beauty and for its body that allows to obtain pleasant sensations to the touch, making it pleasant to walk even barefoot.

Below are some of the terracotta floors we made.